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So as you look forward to 2019, it might be worth reflecting on how much Uranus has shaken up your vocational sector for the last several years –and just how far you’ve come since mid 2010. You’ve been evolving at warp speed since then; and now have a far more unconventional, maverick, uniquely you version of the Cancerian career/life plan right? Living with full, individualistic brilliance in order to thrive on your own terms-yep it’s your new normal, honey!

Good. Because to this end Mars in your biz sector from Jan 1st sets a fab precedent, to energise your vocational aspirations with such superb confidence, fearless work ethic & determination to succeed in 2019… Yes you are so ready for this, and from now until mid Feb is totally auspicious to seize some particularly fab opportunities that are so much more likely to come your way. Go you –it’s your time to shine for sure!

Especially by the Full Moon total eclipse in your income sector of the 21st; with lucky Venus/Jupiter action in your work sector to come to terms with your most spectacular talent in the world, just how good you are at what you do and how to monetise that to keep on chasing the dream of doing whatever you truly love for a living… Omg it’s so realistic to score your most personally rewarding work/life balance by late Jan –don’t give up now, you’re so close…

Meanwhile the New Moon partial eclipse of the 6th is a kind of game changing new perspective in your love sector for Jan:

It’s got Pluto for the courage to seize a more courageous passion in your romantic connections –especially re-discovering the fab chemistry in your existing long term partnership or lingering crush. And Saturn to get real about what enduring commitment really means to you/your lover (or prospective lover) –and how you might be navigating a realistic future together? And Mercury to bring the fresh, effective communication to negotiate your shared future plans with someone special. Or if single flirt up a storm in the world, to maybe rustle up some promising new attraction? Yes its Cancerian mating season baby, and prime time to believe in your gorgeous romantic, mating/dating instincts to get it right!

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