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The year gets off to a most auspicious start with your ruler, Mars, arriving triumphantly in your sign from Jan 1st –how fabulous!

Mars loves being in your sign; especially after faffing about in Aquarius/Pisces for ages recently, where he’s had to play nice & and curb his gutsier/primal instincts which has been frankly annoying, to be honest. And you love being fired up to your full, glorious potential as Mars unleashes your raw, fierce energy to motivate & power you forward once again. Yes the force is strong with you right now, honey - so what are you going to do about that?

I mean with expansive Jupiter in your adventure sector all year you want to live large; but how to practically support your most brilliant, expansive life/travel/personal growth plans? Luckily, Saturn in your career sector lends the kind of sustained work ethic and savvy biz instincts to keep you on track with a real sense of purpose all year. And Uranus (from March) shakes up your financial scenario & turns you on to the most innovative/unexpected $ schemes, to hustle a truly flexible income stream over the next several years; to score the optimum, rewarding work/life balance to turn you on…

So to this end the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 6th is spectacular inspo to hook into some fabulously game-changing, genuinely promising vocational intentions, or even an actual new gig to help you thrive big time! No excuses now, the planets are lining up to encourage your full magnificence in the world –otherwise known as just living authentically; might as well grab the momentum, huh?

Also because the Full Moon total Eclipse of the 21st awakens your creative inspo, to maybe come to terms with your core talent (whatever that is) and run with in the world with some shameless self-promotion. Or simply having fun with your playful self-expression, just because it feels so good to be you!

And this Eclipse also fires up your most stunning romantic confidence. Whether it’s re-igniting a current relationship or some wildly exciting new contender coming at you; love is ready to rock your world with such expansive, open ended, promising potential –oh yes. Or falling in love with the full freedom of your single life-also fab if that's your thing, of course.

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