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Cancer Full Moon, exact 2.43am Dec 23rd AEDT, right on time to illuminate our Solstice and Christmas season.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever driving emotional imperatives have been building all month; and of course Cancerian energy is the ultimate call to feeling everything with genuine, authentic, vulnerable emotional intelligence...

And I tell you what, with the wounded healer Chiron involved here ALL of our feelings & issues are magnified so intensely! Any wounding that we've been struggling with lately is suddenly revealed so clearly -yes we might be moody, needy & sensitive but at least we admit it!

And of course Christmas season tends to bring up our family/relationship dynamics at the best of times -and this could be a lovely opportunity to bond more deeply with our tribe, or at least work through any issues coming up as honestly as possible.

It's not so much running away from our feelings as embracing where we're at; with a caring, compassionate, self-aware approach to nurturing our own healthy wellbeing and supporting our loved ones & our relationships to thrive. There is such a beautiful healing energy working it's magic here... let's choose to focus on the positive, life affirming outcomes of all this personal growth, huh?

And if we're already travelling along happily, excellent- we celebrate a renewed appreciation for the simple, important things in life, including a healthy relationship with self and our most nourishing personal connections.

Happy Cancer Full Moon, happy solstice and happy holidays everyone -may your cup be filled with whatever brings you joy xxx

Image: Christian Shloe

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