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So with Venus in Scorpio from mid September, including a particularly narky retrograde throughout October, we really got to have a good look at our Scorpy shadow nature. Including how we cope with our most imperative desires being apparently thwarted; the primal, gritty, disciplined strength of character we found to deal with it OR the consequences of any emo meltdowns/destructo acting out if we...erm... didn't quite cope with it? Gosh, either way it was a learning curve huh? So no wonder we needed Venus to duck back into her home turf of Libra Libra for November, to pull ourselves together...

So how fabulous to have Venus back in Scorpio from today -all scrubbed up, newly powerful and ready to claim our true, healthy desires in the world with integrity, courage and maximum satisfaction -hallelujah, finally!

So from now until Dec 18th we're retracing our steps from October, revisiting every single drama, fuq up & seeming setback from that hideous retrograde -and figuring out fresh, innovative ways to pick up the pieces and get it right. Yes, this is our second chance and we're so ready to leverage all our hard won determination to thrive against all odds -so excellent.

Because then Dec 18th-Jan 8th is even more fab, accelerated momentum to live with lush, delicious self assurance and magic up the most powerful love/romance/beauty/creative/biz/money satisfaction in our lives. Brilliant, and the better to energise/monetise Venus in Sag in Jan, to live large with maximum, unapologetic personal freedom...

Yep the next few months is looking good for all things Venusian folks, let's embrace it x

Image: I have searched high and low, but unable to find the original source for this amazing picture.

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