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So as someone who usually prefers to deal with tangible facts, and excels at nailing a highly pragmatic approach to things; early December is asking you to tune into your gut instincts a little bit more. Because with the New Moon of the 7th in your soul sector in sync with visionary Neptune/Mars action in your ideas sector –your spooky intuition is likely to be so on point! Best listen up to that powerful, innately intelligent, knowing inner voice of yours this month, huh?

And this requires a certain mental discipline, to resist the white noise of external distractions and remain focused on whatever truly matters to you right now. Because Mars/Neptune can potentially lure you into stoopid, fantasy scenarios inside your own head or truly batshit crazy dialogues with certain weirdos around you; and this could fully do your head in if you’re not careful! It’s a real exercise in setting clear intentions and clarifying healthy boundaries with other people; the better to create the crystal clear mindset where you can actually channel the divine inspiration that so has your number right now… yes you can!

Meanwhile, Venus in your social sector all month is opportune to connect with your most positive, inspiring tribe. It’s a great time to be out on the scene with full sparkly charisma, socialise for fun/networking purposes and bond with the dear friends who have your back. Just because it feels so good to get amongst it and shine! And ok –if you’re single and on the prowl- maybe flirting it up a little could work a treat?

Because the Full Moon of the 23rd in your love sector is an interesting one. It’s heavily Saturn influenced, so you’re thinking more in terms of clear emotional boundaries, commitment and abiding relationship values than just playing around for kicks. Yes. But Uranus also springs some surprise developments to shake up your emotional status quo -and maybe a very different version of shacking up/domestic bliss/staging your next seduction somewhere unexpected? You are ideally ready for thrills/willing to explore any special connection outside the usual comfort zone whilst also maintaining your rock solid standards and the integrity of what you want out of love long term. Hmmm -this could be strangely promising?

And/or maybe a surprise relocation/domestic reshuffle to turn you on?

Image: Julia Frauche for Vogue Japan, January 2013, photographed by Kenneth Willardt, styled by Tina Chai.

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