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VENUS finally BACK on TRACK!

Image: the wonderful Christian Shloe

So that Venus retrograde in Scorpio, from Oct 7th-Nov 1st was pretty hardcore challenging on the most primal level, right? And then retro in Libra for the last 2 weeks has been only marginally more gentle in terms of facing, transforming & shedding crappy patterns that have been holding us back form the Dolce Vita, sweet life we crave... aaargh, thwarted yearnings and hard work much?

So how fabulous to have Venus FINALLY ready to turn direct!!!

Yes, but first we have to watch the 'storm phase' of Venus changing direction in the next few days...

Because this new sense of forward motion can be such a powerful release point, after holding our horses/feeling kyboshed on all Venusian matters recently; that it can be tempting to jump the gun and try to force progress a little clumsily/prematurely? This is classic time to take precautions against blurting out awkward or tetchy romance/love communiques out of sheer frustration, or blundering into slapdash biz/money scenarios etc. But it is a great time to finesse the creative process, double check the details and quietly scheme our next relationship directive. The tide is turning in the right direction folks, and nearly ready to embrace the next, beautifully promising phase around love, beauty, biz, creativity and money...

OMG what a relief! As Venus direct picks up momentum from the 19th onwards, we're gonna love feeling gorgeous, spunky, romantically confident, creatively assured, increasingly prosperous and just have fun getting our groove on for the coming month-how delicious. And the material rewards of this only get better as Venus comes out of shadowzone in Scorpio from mid December, so that's something to look forward to, right? Happy Venus direct xxx

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