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JUPITER aint just FUN & GAMES...

So I've been writing lots about the thrills and easy progress coming up, wth lucky Jupiter coming home to freedom loving Sagittarius for the next 12 months. And yes it's true -the adventurous explorers, innovators, rebels and independent, sovereign souls are totally coming into their element here- Yee-hah!

But we also need to look at the fact that Jupiter is asking us to bust outside of any comfort zones we've recently been languishing in -which can be challenging as hell...

I mean let's face it, we are all creatures of habit in some area of our life. And even the most courageous among us can fall into our own little ruts/habits/limiting thinking/underestimating what we're capable of/dead-end scenarios etc, right?

So if there's a part of you that's feeling furiously frustrated right now, and busting to smash some tedious obligation/job/relationship/debt/repetitive pattern/whatever in your life? Yes this is good!!!

But also might be worth considering: could you just be finally bored senseless by your own bullshit? Which is also good!!! What I mean by this is that we all, ultimately, have to look within to recognise our own complicity in whatever gnarly limitations are holding us back in our lives. When did we last surrender our power to someone else/give upon our dreams/compromise our truth/take the path of least resistance/choose defeatist thinking/indulge in sooky self-sabotage, etc?

Like: maybe you want better health but some skanky, toxic habit in the way/or lucrative new biz opportunity presenting but an old poverty consciousness holding you back/or a big love calling but fear of vulnerability, intimacy blocking it/or trying to forgive someone so you can both move forward but can't let go of the grudge/or you want to travel but fear of flying -that kind of thing. You get the picture.

Because Jupiter in Scorpio recently has prepared us beautifully to face our own demons with such courage. So yes there could be significant growing pains here; but so worth it to take responsibility to come out the other end stronger, more exuberant and full of hard won self belief than ever -with a big, positive determination to thrive no matter what. The better to be truly free!

It's time to phoenix magnificently toward the next, expansive chapter of our lives folks. Are we ready for this or what???

Images: based on photographs by the wonderful Neil Krug.

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