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It's spooky Scorpio season and Los Dias De Los Muertes, the Day of the Dead upon us:

The veils are thinning as we commune with the spirit realm with greater subtlety. Which means we want to watch our spiritual/energetic boundaries right now; we are so much more receptive to unseen influences and want to remain extremely discerning, and take care about where we place our energy, right? We want to stay in the positive vibration of love frequency at all times!

Of course the original tradition here is about remembering, and honouring our beloved dead. Loved ones who have passed away feel closer to us, and a lovely time to light a candle, shed a tear if we are still grieving, renew the bonds of love that transcend this mortal coil-and know that we will always be connected across time and space. For me this really comes down to the powerful, transcendent fact of unconditional love as we journey through our various incarnations together. Our soul family/soul mates of all kinds never really leave us, we are always there for one another in spirit... family, lovers, friends, our animal allies/beloved pets....they always remain alive in our hearts.

And on that note, this day always reminds me of the crucial importance of fully loving our loved ones whilst they are still here!

We spend a lot of time in this life struggling with the sometimes challenging interpersonal dynamics with our special peeps, that we have come here to learn. Which is fine, its part of the human condition right? But be we ideally don't waste our time together holding unnecessary grudges/mis-communicating or holding back from caring/vulnerable intimacy/supporting one another out of fear of being hurt/stubborn petty feuds whatever.

Let's choose forgiveness, trust, reconciliation, understanding and embracing our connections at every opportunity. Choose love, not fear whenever we possibly can! It's such a beautiful day to let someone you care about know that they are truly loved xxxxx

Happy Day of the Dead, and a reminder to thrive whilst we are living folks xxx

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