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So you are one of the signs most likely to enjoy the Nov mating season (yay!), as follows:

It’s all about lucky Jupiter in your love/partnership sector for the last year, where you’ve explored a more confident love with someone special, or been playing the field for fun romantic thrills and spills, or maybe loving the freedom of traveling solo & emotionally unencumbered? So as Jupiter moves on, you have the New Moon of the 8th also in your love sector; to reflect on what you’ve learned about your romantic proclivities/current relationship etc –for a fresh perspective on where you want to take it from here?

Maybe your relationship has grown to a point that you’re having more fun /more committed than ever to a big, expansive future together? Maybe you’re all revved up and inspired to take a genuine risk on someone new? Maybe you’ve been loving solo time and happy to continue with that-or refreshed and ready to explore the dating scene again? Because whatever your new love intentions, Jupiter in your sex/intimacy sector lends the beautiful, brazen emotional confidence to walk your talk on that and fully embrace it. So good!

And the Venus/Mars trine of the 10th is great for sussing out some sweet romantic vibes –with whoever you’ve got your eye on right now.

Meanwhile, Venus in your work sector all Nov profitably drags your attention back to the day job:

Venus retro for the first half of the month presents questions like: “do I love my work/is there some new gig I’m ready to pursue/what core talent of mine could I be optimising further right now/how to make more coin doing what I’m really good at? Because the Venus/Mars trine of Nov 10th is truly brilliant for finessing any biz negotiations/professional relationships (especially with clever Mercury in your $ sector), that might help you get ahead; once you’ve clarified your intentions as much as possible. And because Venus direct for the second half of Nov picks up your professional momentum considerably –and might want to get ready for that, huh?

Image: Paco Peregrin & Kattaca

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