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Oh how glorious to have your ruling love goddess, Venus, back into your sign all November; It’s like a booster shot of your innate, raw charisma/beauty/glamour/charm/talent/creativity/savvy biz instincts to power you through the month and feel particularly fabulous-go you!

I mean Venus retro for the first half of Nov might have you doubting yourself or hesitating a little but that’s fine; you’re just finessing the plan/gathering your energy for the full blown expression of Libra brilliance that you unleash upon the world with Venus direct from the 16th -oh yes, you’re about to be on fire lovely one…

(Ps -especially if you’re feeling a bit drab early Nov; no way do you embark upon any dramatic beauty makeovers for instant gratification, especially permanent stuff like cosmetic tatts/botox/surgery etc until Venus direct from the 16th right?)

Especially with the New Moon of the 8th picking up on any brazen, expansive money schemes you’ve been entertaining with lucky Jupiter in your income sector lately. This is where you clarify your goals, with a clever eye to detail about how you’re actually going to create real earning potential doing something that turns you on. And Mars energising your creative confidence in early Nov is so helpful, the better to leverage your most powerful core talent for success in the day job/new gig/biz venture with Mars in your work sector from mid Nov-Jan. You’ve got a powerful combination of raw talent and fierce work ethic coming up, might as well use it…

Because by the time Venus powers forward in your income sector in December you could finally enjoy the payday/new flow of abundance you’ve been working toward for quite some time –you so deserve this!

Meanwhile, Venus in a lovely romantic trine with Mars in your romance sector around the 10th is pretty sweet for the Libra love life. I mean with Uranus completing several years of shaking up your relationship paradigm and all manner of tricky emotional growth, you might be ready to do it easy for a while, right? Yes this Venus/Mars trine is all about attractions that feel so natural, playful flirtation, easy chemistry with your lover & good times with someone special to make beautiful memories together. And same goes for enjoying your lovely platonic connections more fully. How delicious x

Image: Richard Avedon

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