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With lucky Jupiter in your home sector recently, you’ve been thinking big about how/where you want to live, and ready to challenge your comfort zone to do so–restless much?

Maybe you’ve been feeling into a travel bender, or even (long distance) relocation? Or a big property/real estate scenario going on? Or looking to connect more with your extended family/tribe, the better to love each other up? Or maybe you’ve been craving a bit of space and emotional oxygen from familial/domestic demands, to refresh your mojo? The New Moon of the 8th is fresh perspective on all this, preparing to lush up your domestic sanctuary as a gorgeous base from which to spread your wings in the world -especially by the time Venus hits your home sector in December. So good!

Meanwhile, Venus retro in your communication sector for the first half of Nov counsels you to stay clear & mindful in all your conversations; and a great time to carefully clarify any weird misunderstandings going on around you.

Because Venus trine Mars in your sex/intimacy sector around the 10th is mating season, and perfect for talking your way into a more fulfilling love life. It’s such an exquisite opportunity to bond with your lover/partner more deeply with some timely fearless, vulnerable dialogue between you. Or sexy, playful repartee with your crush/someone new could move at warp speed into a fully promising relationship vibe. Especially with Mars switching between your love & sex sectors mid month; if there’s someone special you’re prepared to walk your talk with? Yes the passion is real and can totally go places right now! Omg if you’re ready for this, Venus direct in the second half of Nov is the most lovely, easy vibe to move forward with a beautiful romantic conversation in your life…

And same goes for finessing any money/biz negotiations this month. The more you keep it co-operative and harmonious the more you’re looking at win-win, potentially lucrative outcomes for all concerned, know what I mean? And speaking of career; the Full Moon of the 23rd has lucky Jupiter kick-starting a whole year ahead of showing off your brilliant talent in the world, with the full self-promotion it deserves.

Image: Julia Stegner for Vogue Italia

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