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Well with your famous nesting sensibilities, you are one of the signs most likely to love Venus in your home sector for the whole of November right? It’s primo time to beautify the home décor, plan a reno, profitably think about some property/real estate deal and/or harmonise the loving family/co-hab dynamic in your life. The domestic vibe is sweet, aesthetically inspired and lovely for creating the perfect sanctuary in which to thrive:

But it is worth noting that Venus retro for the first half of the month is better for scheming/dreaming & quietly laying the groundwork for all this; then Venus direct from the 16th is a much smoother energy to move forward, explore any dialogues going on here and make stuff happen…

And of course the Venus/Mars trine around the 10th makes this so wonderfully auspicious for the Cancer love life –it’s mating season! Venus in your home sector with Mars in your sex/intimacy sector is such a delicious energy for nurturing cosy commitment with someone special. If you’re already domestically partnered you jush up your home together, and make some quality time to snuggle up and renew the passion? Or if you’re getting more serious with someone promising, maybe even a conversation about shacking up together? Or if on the dating scene, you totally stage your next hot date on home turf, for maximum seduction potential? And romance aside, of course same goes for healing & bonding any important, familial relationships in your life with so much more ease than usual.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 8th in your self-expression sector, just on lucky Jupiter in our work sector is all about a fresh perspective on your best, core talent; and the motivation to finesse the creative process and get even better at what you’re good at. Yep, because the more you back yourself right now, the more the rest of the world will appreciate your brilliance, right?

Because Jupiter says the coming year is primo time to leverage your professional excellence, to nail the kind of expansive opportunities you’ve been chasing for a while. A gig that offers job satisfaction and the lifestyle you can really enjoy? Yep, I predict you’re going to have a lot of fun with this!

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