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November is here and the scopes are up:

It's a pretty cool month to gather our energies and focus on our most on point, magical manifesting, intentions to grow, create & thrive long term...

We have Libra Venus retro for the first half of Nov to finesse our love/beauty/biz attitude, and then cruise forward with renewed clarity, confidence, creatrix power and beautiful potential to succeed in love, money & life when Venus goes direct from Nov 16th...

We have lucky Jupiter powering up in his rulership of Sagittarius from Nov 8th, for a whole year ahead of chasing our biggest dreams and grandest adventures with such fearless exuberance- getting ready to live large!

We have the Venus/Mars trine of the 10th to embrace our most harmonious, sweetly romantic, easily compatible dynamic in all of our relationships. Easy loving to nurture one another is so possible right now... how lovely.

Read more for your sign here.

Happy November folks, it's looking good x

Image: the incredible, wonderful Gregory Colbert.

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