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Taurus Full Moon, exact 2.45am October 25th, AEDT -and it's delicious!

Full Moons are always a rising up whatever emo we have been dealing with all month; and in Taurus we tend to feel strongly about our physical wellbeing and physical pleasures -primarily food & sex of course, money, security, biz and ok, our own stubborn point of view about everything, lol.

And it's worth noting that to the extent emotions are always intimately connected to our physical body, we tend to hold our emotions (especially unexpressed ones) in our muscle memory and experience them as physical sensations; in Taurus we are even more likely to do so. So it's worth paying attention to what our bodies are telling us right now, any physical symptoms may be more about our emotional body, and feelings that are trying desperately to get our attention, huh?

But the really exciting thing here is an incandescent Uranus/Venus opposition smack bang on top of this Moon-it's gorgeous, inspiring, explosive and totally unpredictable!

Venus emphasises romance, art, money and biz-and Uranus has sudden developments re all this sparking up fast and furious right now.

In our love lives it's all about flash crushes to turn us on/sudden reveals in our current flirtations/restless energy to steer our relationship toward new romantic adventures or a game changing conversation we've needed to have for a while.... We want to embrace any big passions coming up here-ooh la la, but also watch our hair-trigger tempers & unnecessary conflict, right?

And in biz we have wild new opportunities coming out of the blue/a sudden urge to change horses midstream/fresh inspo about how to embrace our current gig anew/or renegotiate a $ agreement at short notice... Could be brilliant, could be hare-brained schemes to steer clear of and certainly time to be open to crazy promising change, but also check the practical veracity of whatever we're getting ourselves involved with!

Ideally we ride the buzz of Venus/Uranus, awakening visionary new possibilities about how we can thrive in the world; whilst also tuning into the Saturn influence here to keep our wits about us and remain savvy, switched on and pragmatic about how we do it. I'm gonna call this the Magical Manifestation Moon -are we ready for the full, lush potential of this or what?

Happy Cow Moon x

Image: via Ulver, Shadows of the Sun album cover.

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