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Image: the divine Christian Shloe

New Moon in Libra (exact 1.46pm Oct 9th, AEDT) ready to turn us on to lovely new possibilities.

New Moons always reveal fresh emotional oxygen and a crisp, clear attitude for the coming month. And in Libra it's our love, romance, relationship, creative, biz and money moxy that's ready to be be renewed-ready or not!

Because the main influence here is Pluto newly direct square this Moon -it's a fierce, transformative, creatively potent determination to thrive that drives us right now, for sure.

In biz we work our most sparkling Venus talent with such confidence, because it's by shining bright and doing our professional thing so well that we attract the most lucrative opportunities. Pluto loves hustling big coin and so do we; but it doesn't come so much easily as powering through every single, self-sabotaging poverty consciousness fear or whatever we've ever had and choose to believe in our brilliance anyway-and back it up with the requisite hard work of course. The rewards are potentially immense if we can pull this off, folks.

And love is a big one here! Libra loves sweet romance, Pluto loves sexy passion and it's all smack bang on Libra's ruler, Venus in a hot square of sexy/romantic tension wth her lover Mars:

Stable, existing relationships find a gorgeous moment to renew the desire that brought you together in the first place, for delicious re-connection.

Tricky relationships hit a crisis point: maybe time to air any tensions that have been brewing lately -for the kind of passionate dynamic that can bring you back together and do the work to make it work? Or if not-deal with that as courageously as possible? I mean sometimes a good old healthy argument followed by hot make up sex and/or a more candid/vulnerable intimacy or dialogue than you've had for a while could be just the thing to move forward, one way or the other?

And if you're on the prowl for someone new? These are spectacular stars for the kismet to meet someone enticing when least expected; and the sparky, charismatic flirtation skills to pursue the chemistry for a promising connection. It may or may not be a long term practical/or a wild affair whatever-who knows- but by golly it's exciting either way!

So in all areas of life we pull ourselves together, keep our intentions clear and work our interpersonal skills to make our most inspiring dreams a reality in the world. Happy Libra New Moon everyone x

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