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Uranus in your sign says you want to be free, value your independence above all else and have zero tolerance for anyone attempting to cramp your style by pinning you down to any kind of ‘us’ talks/heavy commitment etc. But Venus in your love sector for the rest of the year says you also crave a big, beautiful romance big time-and even better, more likely than ever to have someone gorgeous in your life who wants to share it with you:

So it’s gotta be a pretty special partner in crime who can do big, devoted passion and grow together in a wildly expansive love affair; whilst respecting one another’s personal space/individual proclivities and adore each other even more for your differences and unique, wonderful weirdness right? And I’m here to tell you that yes, that’s exactly the kind of lover you could be dealing with for the rest of the year:

Maybe your relationship is already flourishing because you just get each other so deeply & unconditionally-and naturally growing even more devoted this year? Or maybe Venus retro is revealing a few tetchy points of contention-that you are so likely to rise to the challenge and work out, with a renewed appreciation of just how simpatico you really are? And if single- destiny has your number! Crazy, perfect synchronicity is so ready to attract some wildly exciting attraction when least expected. It may or may not be convenient timing/fit into your romantic expectations or even seem remotely practical; but maybe it’s just outside the box enough to turn you on-and willing to give crazy, promising passion a chance? And the Full Moon of the 25this primo timing to embrace all this with your best romantic courage!

Ok so in love or not whatever, what else is happening beyond mating season I hear you ask?

How about the South Node of past experience in your biz sector? You’re taking stock of whatever skills/talent you’ve been working on for ages, fully earned the right to feel genuinely confident about and trust your brilliant work instincts. You know where your professional strengths lie & the world is noticing, for a solid reputation in your field; and with Mars charging forward here you gethow to leverage this to make your next move so bang on point. Yes Uranus has you all restless, but forget are brained schemes into unknown territory-you are innovating what you already do so well to get ahead right now.

Image: unable to find original source for this spunky picture.

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