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No one pulls of pathological secrecy about your private life and brutal honesty about everything else like our Scorpio, lol. And we love the way you keep us guessing whilst also demanding the fierce, high standards of behaviour of the rest of us that you demand of yourself –even if we can’t figure out what the fuq you’re on about half the time. You’re an enigma; I’ll give you that.

And I’m pointing this out because the New Moon of the 9thin your spooky, introverted soul sector AND Venus retro in Scorpio could have you tempted to retreat into your shell; daring the world to leave you alone whilst you commune with whatever inner muse or private behaviours you get up to when no-one’s looking?

Yeah, fair enough but no- it’s all about human connection & relationships now, ready or not! Because Venus is gracing your sign until January; a rare, lengthy visit from the goddess of love to jazz up your beauty, charm, flirty wiles and even more powerful seduction prowess than usual! The raw potency of this is so palpable even Venus retro this month doesn’t faze you; you vamp up, project that famous, mysterious allure of yours and get ready for mating season:

Because the Venus/Mars action of Oct 11this sheer, magnetic attraction energy to bring some kind of hot, passionate loving your way. I mean the tetchy square aspect here is a bit much for those who prefer breezy romantic harmony; but you are the sign most likely to adore the bristling sexual tension & challenging romantic intensity of this. Whether it’s thrashing out certain simmering undercurrents in your relationship to clear the air/renewed devotion/fab make-up sex, or making eyes at your crush for the thrill of the chase/someone wildly unexpected to rock your world…it’s bound to turn you on.

Especially with the Full Moon of the 25thon top of Uranus electrifying your love sector, the sparks are flying one way or the other and you’re in your element. Drama/depth of feeling/exploring your own desire nature/whatever- bring it!

Meanwhile the Destiny Point in your biz sector is finessing your professional relationships beautifully -so high time to be out there schmoozing, networking and hustling if you can. Because you are so much more likely to be connecting with all the right people & opportunities this month, that will be so financially rewarding by the time lucky Jupiter hits your earning sector from November onwards. You are playing a long game right now-and so worth it for lucrative future outcomes, huh?

Image: Zhang Jingna

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