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October is upon us and the scopes are up:

We have a Libra New Moon on the 9th to nurture our relating skills and reboot key relationships. We have Venus in Scorpio turning retrograde, to come to terms with how our desire nature has been driving us lately, where it's likely to drive our relationships as Venus moves back into Libra next month; and reflect on how we're going to handle that? And, spectacularly; we have a sexy Venus/Mars square to reveal and passionately exacerbate any simmering romantic tensions going on in our lives. Then the Full Moon of the 25th is sparky, game changing instincts to innovate our lives-and the need for personal space to do so, and also electrified attractions we're busting to chase up. It's a tetchy, sexy yearning to connect-with possibly superb love/mating potential. And a tetchy temptation to sabotage our connections, we might want to watch. Yep, it's all fun and games for the lovers out there folks!

And a Saturn/Uranus trine to help us manage the correct balance between pragmatic security issues and exhilarating freedom in all areas of our lives. This month is magical, promising and just challenging enough to keep us on our toes. Happy October, folks x

Read the scopes, with more detail for your sign here,

Image: the sublime Christian Shloe

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