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The New Moon of the 9this the most gorgeous rush of confidence self-expression, to set the tone to follow your sparkly bliss and have fun with whatever you’re doing this month with your best sparkly charisma -you love this!

Whether it’s playtime, to hang out with your kids/loved ones/someone special romantically and relish the good times together- just because that’s what really matters in life, right? Whether it’s a creative process that’s turning you on, just because it feels so good to nurture your main talent game and get even better at what you do, for the sheer buzz of it? Or maybe a specific creative project that’s aimed squarely at some kind of career success –yes this looks so promising!

And on that note, we really have to talk about the fabulosity that is Venus joining lucky Jupiter in your work sector for the rest of the year. You are thinking big about how to leverage all that gorgeous talent of yours by glamming up your brand/finessing your work wardrobe (yes it’s shallow but looks kinda matter right now) and schmoozing all the right people; the better to seize any major opportunities coming up and widen your professional horizons as much as possible this year. So good!

Especially by the Full Moon of the 25th, you really get how much a keen eye to your best healthcare regime and positive lifestyle choices optimise your personal vitality and spunky attitude. Which is important in itself of course, and also the best way to keep up the work ethic and thrive in the day job. The Venus/Mars square clarifies how to find a satisfying work/life balance between your important work commitments with freedom to chase bigger adventures in your life. It’s all about being healthy, wealthy, wise and having a good time right now…

And the Venus/Mars action also revs up any romantic tension going on- love is in the air! Especially with the emotional discipline of Saturn supporting you to resolve any differences (such as they are) in your partnership, to commit more deeply. Or if single; so likely to encounter some tetchy yet promising attraction frisson on the day job -workplace flirtation much? Or, funnily enough, if you happen to have some travels plans coming up; you could totally meet someone hot in transit-maybe even a holiday romance with possible future potential?

Image: Julia Anisimova

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