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I bet you’ve been feeling so much more together since your ruler Saturn turned direct last month, and what a buzz to feel all energised and rearing to charge forward again-yay! But what exactly to focus all this positive new determination upon, hmmm?

Well first up this month is the New Moon of Oct 9thin your biz sector: It’s the clear inspo you need to think in terms of broader career goals, the better to finesse the opportunities of October most effectively. And New Moons are always about a fresh start:

Perhaps you are renewing your passion for your current gig -with a keen eye to how you can rake in more cash/prestige/job satisfaction doing it? Or if you’ve been floundering recently, perhaps you get a massive hint about some promising new directionandthe guts to change up the plan & chase it up-to get you out of career limbo and onto the next big thing? Especially with Pluto in your sign ready to transform how you do things with a lucrative attitude and Mars in your income sector ready to make money happen-your prospects are so promising right now!

Then we have the Venus/Mars square of the 11thto bring any romantic tensions to the surface. Maybe your social life reveals some promising flirty action, if you’re out on the prowl? And funnily enough it could be a heated discussion about politics etc that fires up a weird attraction with someone cute-based on intriguingly different opinions? Or maybe your relationship benefits, by recognising that even when you fundamentally disagree on certain issues –it’s an opportunity to grow and learn from one another, and committed to loving one another with genuine, unconditional mutual respect. So good!

Then the Full Moon of the 25this gorgeous! A sudden rush of creative inspiration fires up your brilliant self expression in the world, which is a buzz and also reminds you just how talented you are at whatever you love to do, and maybe allow yourself to be way more confident about that? And also a lovely time to shake up the schedule to allow for any unexpected, quality time with your loved ones. Having fun, celebrating the things that matter and just playing for the sheer joy of it is important, don’t you know?

Image: Edward Olive

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