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With your ruling planet Mars hooking into a sexy square with Venus this month-mating season is upon you and I suspect you’re going to love it, as follows:

The square aspect aint so much about beige, easy, lukewarm romance but neither are you. If you’re partnered the energy is tetchy & liable to pick a fight in order to address any lingering relationship issues directly-but you need to keep this constructive, obviously. Ideally it’s about resolving any problems for a clearer path forward with renewed clarity & devotion- and ok, rev up the sexual tension for fabulous make-up sex afterwards. You love this! And if single you are totally on the prowl; and so much more likely to find some new electric new attraction, brimming with romantic tension and requiring that famous, confident seduction prowess of yours to make it happen? Yes you love this too!

Especially with Venus lingering in your intimacy sector for the rest of the year. It’s all about the courageous passion you do so well, but also tempered with the capacity to be genuinely vulnerable and dig a little deeper; to connect as authentically as possible with your lover-or any potential future lovers, huh?

And the New Moon of the 9this a gorgeous fresh start, to potentially nurture a beautifully fulfilling –or at least highly promising connection with someone worth it. And only getting better by the Full Moon of the 25th, with a sparky Venus/Uranus opposition that could unleash all kinds of fireworks –ooh la la get ready to feel the passion and love like you mean it!

And this Full Moon is also finessing your biz/financial negotiations skills. Venus & Pluto say you have permission to think lucrative, but you do need to charm the right people at the right time; and if you’re gonna play work politics you better be sharp as hell and good at it. I mean no offence but as fab as your usual blustering bravado is, it may need a little more subtlety to get over the line right now, lol. And Saturn says you need a degree of structure in place and a very solid work ethic, if you want to take advantage of Uranus shaking down a, potentially, much more independent or flexible income situation. Earning a living on your own sweet terms is so realistic, if you have a realistic plan in place –know what I mean?

Image: Vogue China March 2015 | Tian Yi by Jem Mitchell

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