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The momentum of September kind of revolves around the gorgeous New Moon of the 10th, as follows:

It’s in your 5th house, which is all about your fabulous, confident self-expression moxy. It’s about unlocking your own raw talent-because the more you come to terms with what you’re really good at the more you can enjoy the creative process, to get even better at it and show it off with a bit of shameless self promotion in the world.

Especially as Mars doing a lengthy tour of your biz sector this year has got you so revved up with fab professional schemes, but being retro lately they’ve maybe temporarily stalled? But you’ve kept the faith and finessed the vision anyway with that brilliant perseverance of yours-well done you. So how good is Mars back on track with fresh traction, clearer professional strategies than ever and ready to enjoy tangible career progress for the next few months? Yes -you’ve so earned this!

And it’s flirty. Especially with luvvy Venus joining lucky Jupiter in your love sector until January, and 4 whole glorious months ahead to have some fun with romance! You and your partner both so appreciate any extra effort one another make to love each other up; sweet romantic gestures and scheduling date nights for quality time together refresh the chemistry beautifully. And if single, you are so much more likely to attract cute contenders to get your pulse racing and so much more likely to flirt up a storm with them, the better to savour the romantic frisson going on without having to force anything. Especially with Uranus in Taurus pushing you out of your comfort zone for a good time -the thrill of the chase is part of the fun, right?

Because it’s really about dropping any specific expectations and following your bliss this month-for no other reason than it’s so fun and life affirming to play right now! Do what turns you on, have fun with it and take the time to smell the roses, with that powerful capacity of yours to fully embrace life and enjoy the simple pleasures on your own sweet terms.

And then the Full Moon of the 25th could be a spooky little clue about how all that fab career astro is playing out-maybe some bang on instincts to grab a particular work opportunity, just because it feels so right?

Image: Sui He. By Danielle Duella x Iango Henzi. From i-D, 2012

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