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The New Moon of the 10th in sync with positive, expansive Jupiter is a lovely, sparkly new mental clarity; where fresh plans and crystal clear communication inspire your forward momentum beautifully…

Because the really brilliant news is Venus joining lucky Jupiter in your lucky 5th house until January. The 5th house is your seat of personal confidence –all about coming to terms with your innate talent, creative genius, shameless/show off self promotion in the world and playful capacity to have fun just because it feels so good to be you & be alive! So you have 4 glorious months coming up of feeling so comfortable in your own skin, prolific creative output, easy self-expression and just having a good time with life no matter what. It’s your time to shine and enjoy the ride, honey.

And Venus in your 5th house is also delightfully romantic, and syncing with sexy Mars in your intimacy sector and commitment-oriented Saturn in your love sector is next level love action coming at you. The chemistry with your current lover ramps up, the better to make time to love each other better and bond more deeply long term. Or if you’re on the prowl, your flirty wiles are so much more likely to call in a new attraction that is not only hot-but also may surprise you down the track, with the potential to grow into something real with time. So whether you’re doing the emotional work to cultivate a significant relationship or just playing for the thrill of it-your love stars are brilliantly promising right now!

Then the Full Moon of the 25th in your biz sector is a great time to trust your professional instincts; because Chiron here helps you reflect on how your vocational choices make you feel, with even more emotional intelligence than usual. The better to wriggle out of any commitments that frankly compromise your job satisfaction, invest in the ones that genuinely turn you on or chase up some fab new opportunity that just feels so right it can’t fail-if you only listen to your gut and don’t waste time talking yourself out of your own brilliant intuition right?

Especially syncing with the Destiny Point in your income sector. I’m just saying that the more you play your cards right, as above, the more you call in whatever potentially lucrative scenario could so fund the life you want to live long term!

Image: Laura Helena photography

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