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Full Moon in Pisces, shining bright and exact 10.56pm tonight, AEST.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotions have been going on all month, and in oceanic Pisces our feelings are oh so big, deep and revealing. We are so switched on, with exquisitely attuned intuition and sensitivity to the undercurrents swirling around us today. If only we keep our psychic antennae on, tune in to the subtle interpersonal cues in our relationships and listen up, this Moon has such crystal clear clarity to share with us...

It's the perfect time to get our magical, mystical inspiration on. Dream journalling, meditation, yoga, any spiritual practice we love, tuning into our creative muse & compassionate, unconditional connection with all our loved ones is such a beautiful thing today....

But excessive intoxication, delusional thinking or sneaky emotional avoidance is always a no-no here. Especially with transparent Uranus and taskmaster Saturn reality-checking our behaviour right now -the truth will prevail ready or not! Best keep this Moon as high end and conscious as possible huh?

Happy Pisces Moon x

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