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August is defined by two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine as follows- but first we need to talk about your ruling goddess Venus in your sign from the Aug 8th –Sept 10th:

This is your annual chance to come to terms with your own desirability. You polish your look & shmick up the glamour factor, the better to strut around feeling gorgeous. And you claim your fab talent, the better to relish the rewarding creative process and maybe show off with some shameless self-promotion in the world? And if love is on your mind, your romantic allure is super-duper powerful this month don’t you know-why not flirt it up a little? And really any relationships in your life benefit from Venusian harmony and charm right now-to feel more connected with your people.

And just in time for the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th in your social sector with expansive, friendly Jupiter for extra personal confidence; where getting out on the scene with that sparkly charm of yours is great fun, and connecting with your tribe/re-affirming lovely friendships –and maybe some cool new buddies to share like-minded interests with?

And maybe inspiring you to look forward to Mars re-energising your creative confidence from mid September, where you come to terms with how talented you are and put it out there- maybe with the intention of shameless self promotion, and definitely just for the sheer joy of unfettered self-expression!

And then the Full Moon of the 26th is in your work sector, with clearer professional instincts coming up that you might want to listen to. Especially with a grand earth trine involved: Saturn says get the home base right first, Uranus says double check all your financial/biz negotiations-as they’re likely to be unpredictable, and the Sun in your soul sector says for goodness sake trust your gut feelings on everything and only do what is truly inspiring for your soul, no matter what! The better to manifest your schemes and dreams in the real world, yes?

Image: Tim Walker

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