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Full Moon in Aquarius coming up, exact 6.20am July 28th AEST, and it's a Total Lunar Eclipse to bring eclipse season home, baby, and really rock our world! There is so much going on here:

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings we've been bottling up lately; and in the supremely cerebral sign of Aquarius we've been bottling up heaps-as we try valiantly to make intellectual sense of our emotional life and rise above it all with some kind of higher meaning (good), but maybe at the expense of actually feeling it in our actual, emotional bodies (possibly not so healthy?). And of course with such a powerful, rare eclipse our feelings are so bang on intuitive & exquisitely, magically revealing that we really do want to be paying attention to the insights coming at us right now.

And anyway, good luck ignoring your emotional imperatives with retro Mars right on top of this Moon! Mars feelings are a kinaesthetic, primal, insistent force of nature -they're real. We want what we want, and it's often got to do with the classic Mars themes of ambition, desire, anger and wilful self determination; and the more we are at least honest with ourselves about our driving motivations, and hopefully find some healthy outlet for them the more vitality we feel flowing through us. Great, but of course being retrograde we are likely to encounter some kind of internal ambivalence about our needs or external resistance pushing us back as we try to force the issue and move forward -or both? Aargh headfuq much?

Yep, and with the eclipse factor it's bound to be character building; we get to come clean about what we want, witness our reactions when it's challenging to achieve and resist the temptation to give up or charge forward mindlessly against the odds. Instead we take the time to process how we're genuinely feeling and maybe re-evaluate our goals based on that, then once we've finessed the plan we persevere with our best courage, patience and personal integrity. And an easier momentum rewards us by the time Mars moves forward from early September -honest!

And this Eclipse also hooks into the mystical nodal axis of the Moon. The South Node is unpacking the karmic results of past experience-ditching the baggage and conditioning we no longer need but also claiming the strengths and skills we have learned along the way, as they are the bag of tricks we have earned to support our journey forward. And to that end the North Node-or as I call it the Destiny Point-is the calling to our true calling in this life, to keep growing toward our full, glorious potential for the sheer joy of personal growth and also hook into the most brilliant opportunities to thrive and enjoy worldly success on our own sweet terms.

So yeah, whether you are having a fab time loving your own authenticity this week, or struggling to handle the interminable frustrations of life or both; know that it is all part of the divine journey and you are on the right track either way! You are either comfortable in your own skin with unconditional self-acceptance and ready to thrive on your own terms-or learning to be! No rush honey, we're all in this together and we're going to get there in the end x

Happy Aqua Eclipse xxx

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