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It's such an interesting job to be tuning into people's destinies every day -privileged to be privy to the magical and often confounding process of this human condition we all share.

Some readings lay out a person's future like a goddamn book; every detail arranged in perfect chronological order and so possible to rattle off beautifully accurate predictions, because it is so clearly pre-destined and Lady Luck has everything in hand (and of course easier to deliver if the projected outcomes are happy and 'good'). Or, where there are key decisions for the client to make & it's all hanging on free will; there are clear paths ahead as an outcome of any given choice so very possible to give clear, directive advice about the best choice to make for optimum outcomes.

And these are the fun readings: Because we get a glimpse of the exquisite synchronicity of life, and that yes we can align with the fate that we apparently chose before we were born, and that we always have personal agency over how we respond to the process and thus maximise the positive potential of whatever is happening. And the client gets to take away, and enjoy crystal clear guidance from their session. And I enjoy the satisfaction of being the conduit for all this-and yes, I must admit I love it when peeps come back with stories to validate the accuracy of their last reading lol (fortune tellers have egos too, as much as we must constantly check them in order to remain in integrity with what we do).

And then there are the trickier readings. Perhaps the client is navigating some crappy experience, and as much as I might be able to share the light at the end of the tunnel, they still have to deal with the reality of getting there via the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' and I can't wave a magic wand to avoid the challenges along the way. Perhaps there are a bunch of choices that the client is so ambivalent about; and all I can do is reflect the fact that they are not ready to harness their free will just yet-and support the process of them finding their own truth. Or there are clear outcomes that I can re-assure the client are perfect-but I can't download the details yet because if they knew too much already they would get in their own way/kybosh the process. Or there is positive, clear advice, but not the exact details/outcomes of following it. These are frustrating because I want to be super perfectly clear and the client wants definitive answers -but maybe I have to put aside my ego when it aint that definitive, and they are grateful anyway, that I can hold the space with them for all unknowns of life & help them just be present for that.

Because the thing about being psychic is that I don't inherently know anything-I don't walk around the world just knowing stuff about everyone else; my service is that I can tune into the clients own spiritual guides/akashic record/destinal blueprint/inner knowing & share the messages & insights available from that place. Sometimes it's bang on exact predictions & advice, and sometimes I have to marvel how obtuse/mysterious the guidance can be to keep my client on their toes and dance the dance of life on their own sweet instincts. It's quite a trip to do this work, and accept that life has her own logic; it's sometimes meant to challenge us to grow and we are all of us learning to understand and flow with it as best we can.

Maybe I feel to share this today because there are so many damn planets retrograde right now-and with various frustrating circumstances we are all wondering what wtf the future holds and how to make it better??? From my experience with clients lately a few thoughts, for what they're worth:

We chose the circumstances of our life experience before we came here, including the karmic entanglements of who we would meet and connect with at any given time to help us grow. Understanding this is massively empowering, as it reminds us of the extraordinary power of our free-will to turn every single experience into positive personal evolution.

Sometimes we just have to walk through the forest and meet the journey as it comes, like some courageous hero or heroine from a fairy tale; before we get to the rewards awaiting on the other side.

As Jung said; Character is Fate... if we want to perfect our fate we perfect our character?

The true Soul Mates we share this journey with can be blissful love stories and/or massive headfuqs -sometimes a crazy combo of both. But either way they are always a mirror to reflect our true selves back to us, right?

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