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Well it’s probably when Venus shimmies into your sign, from the 11th onwards that you’re going to get your groove on for July on most effectively. This is your annual time to shine; with your most powerful charm, beauty, romantic allure, style and self-assured talent beaming out into the world for all to see. Including taking a break from any habitual self-critique tendencies you’ve had going on, and maybe work the shameless self-promotion and strutting your gorgeous stuff a little more brazenly –just for the sheer joy of honestly feeling good about yourself. Why the hell not?

And certainly if you have any love life issues going on- it might be a case of just feeling into your natural, beautiful self with a bit of romantic confidence and they’ll come, like moths to the proverbial flame. Especially mid month, when a spooky little Mars/Venus alignment could spark up an unexpected moment of attraction with someone special –or at least wildly intriguing….

Meanwhile the partial Solar Eclipse of the 13th sparks up your social charisma –where Jupiter forward in your comms sector has you connecting with your tribe with such positive, articulate interaction. You’re bound to feel the love & shared values bonding you with your besties/the scene you move in etc for a lovely sense of community surrounding you. How lovely!

And then you have the total Lunar Eclipse in your day-job sector by July 28th. This is a really great opportunity to work your existing gig or career aspirations into the most rewarding version of what you do; and more likely than usual to enjoy some fierce gut instincts about how to maximise the opportunities currently available to you. Yes, and even though it might take a bit of prep to get things moving, what with Mars retrograde on the job right now: you are bound to enjoy the rewards of finessing the career plan, with your usual exactitude, when Mars gets a move on from late August onwards…something to look forward to for sure.

Image: Paula Marcina by Jakov Baricic for Vogue Ukraine May 2015. Styled by Olga Yanul.

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