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How fabulous to have lucky Jupiter in your sign finally moving forward from mid July-such a relief right! Because Jupiter retrograde for the last 4 months has no doubt had you antsy as hell- all revved up and restless to bust out some gig, expansive moves in your life but tedious damn circumstances delaying and thwarting your momentum all over the shop. Frustration much? And, at the end of your tether, you’re sorely tempted to lose your fiercely guarded composure and wig out at the slightest thing, because stupid whatever is taking too long to happen?

Yeah but no you don’t. Because Jupiter glides forward in perfect synchronicity with the Solar Eclipse of the 13th and all of a sudden you remember how to say yes to life, and life opens her arms and says yes right back! Mid month onwards may see doors you’ve been knocking on for ages suddenly open-or even unexpected new opportunities appear. And it’s all because your innate tenacity is paying off -well done you!

Also because the Eclipse of mid month is in your adventure/vision sector. Whether it’s travel plans, an inspiring course of study or just living large because you damn well can; it’s all about embracing a newly expansive, positive attitude to allow the flow to happen in it’s own sweet way-this is gold.

Meanwhile, the Total Solar Eclipse of July 28th picks up on Mars energising your home sector for 6 whole months this year, shining the spotlight fully on whatever your domestic priorities are right now. This is bound to flush out existing dynamics with your family/co-habs; and ok with Mars retrograde until late August it could take a while to untangle any interpersonal issues going on-they’ve been brewing for quite some time, after all. But well worth sorting through, for some kind of tangible clarity this month. Or maybe you’re finessing some kind of real estate/property scheme that’s been on your radar? Or maybe, with sexy Mars involved, a hotter connection with your live in lover?

And speaking of love, whilst yes you do stage any major seductions on home turf- if you also happen to be out and about on the prowl, with Venus in your social sector from the 11th your flirty wiles are even more on point than ever…which could be fun?

Image: Emma Watson

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