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So how about sexy Mars heating up your love sector for 6 whole months this year! You feel like a love machine, perhaps you are attracting a love machine type partner to love you up, and the whole question of passionate connection and maybe commitment is big on the Leo radar this year –how fabulous!

Bearing in mind, though, that Mars is retrograde until late August. So maybe, for the moment you are more revisiting old relational dynamics, the better to address and rejig them with a bit of that Mars romantic courage; rather than charging forward/pulling any bold new moves just yet. Especially with Mars on the South Node of old karma around the 21st syncing with the Total Lunar Eclipse in your love sector on the 28th; late July is a totally powerful opportunity to sort out any existing connections in your life:

Perhaps it’s about renewing the passion with your current partner. Which could simply be a case of making the extra effort to delight and seduce one another that much more than you’ve been doing lately? Or perhaps untangling some combative vibe you’ve been struggling with-maybe a good old clearing the air argument and then some fab make-up sex could work a treat? Or perhaps some ex/old flame is on the scene, to give something special that ‘could have been’ another hot-blooded chance to fire up?

And any work you’re doing now to figure out existing entanglements, one way or the other, is bound to gain traction and make sense as Mars moves forward over the next few months. Or if currently travelling solo, perhaps you are looking at your own emotional patterns, the better to be ready for some cool new contender more likely to turn up from late August-including improved platonic connections or even a nicer relationship with self, which is so valuable in it’s own right.

Because meanwhile, the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 13th is in your soul sector. Mid month is all about the inner journey; where any version of your spiritual practice/yoga/meditative retreat/shamanic self mastery/communing with your creative muse is going to fill your cup beautifully x

Image: Roberto Cavalli

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