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So July is Eclipse season, and lucky for you a chance to focus all that restless energy of Uranus in your soul sector into some forward motion in the world…

The partial Solar Eclipse of the 13th is a New Moon in your income sector, with lucrative Pluto in your biz/financial entanglements sector to really motivate your moneymaking mojo. This could be brilliant for financial negotiations, if you keep the game plan coherent and resist any temptation to fall for sleazy power trips of course.

And especially with lucky Jupiter forward in your day-job sector right on this Moon; it’s all about nailing how to make your current gig serve you best-in terms of job satisfaction and optimum earning potential. Or if not, perhaps some new opportunity to monetise your genius? And if that means a bit of bravado and hustling to get ahead- I reckon you’re fully up for that right now!

And also, Pluto is digging deep into your capacity for sexual/emotional connection; where raw, vulnerable intimacy is the most empowering kind, don’t you know? Could be mating season, if you’re ready for some scary thrilling passion with your lover, or whoever is dancing around your radar and luring you toward them…ooh la la. Especially with Venus in your home sector, domestic partnerships are favoured to spark up here –or even if you’re planning a hot date with someone new you might want to cosy up on home turf, for best results.

Then the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 28th is full tilt, restless, craving for new adventure in your life. Because what with Mars in your adventure sector for 6 months this year you’re already itching get outside the comfort zone, and flex your muscles in some kind of stimulating new environment. Travel, especially overseas, and study opportunities being the most likely avenues to explore; but really any new, expansive experience is going to turn you on.

And even though Mars is retrograde until mid-August and you may not be able to charge forward just yet; you can scheme, dream and plan the next big thing late month huh?

Image: Xiao Wen Ju for W Magazine February 2012

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