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Well I imagine you’re fully pumped by the fact of Mars energising your income sector for 6 whole months this year!

Oh my, such massive motivation and opportunity to hustle the earning potential you’ve been after for a while now. Because Uranus in your self-expression sector is awakening your most awesome talent and the shameless self-promotion to get it out there; and for someone as financially literate as yourself, you’re loving this chance to work your best, savvy commercial instincts toward monetising your genius with maximum confidence.

And lucky you don’t mind the elbow grease to knuckle down and make it happen. I mean never mind that Mars is retrograde and Saturn retrograde in your sign right now, which may feel like annoying delays and challenging circumstances on your path. This is just an excuse to nail the fierce personal discipline that you are so brilliant at, to back yourself, persevere and realize that yes you are going to reap the rewards and thrive by early September onwards-something to work toward huh?

Because meanwhile, the Total Lunar Eclipse of July 28th is a big, significant clue about the right direction to be taking any financial/biz negotiations on your radar-which could actually be positively game-changing if you stay sharp and future orientated, rather than just looking for instant gratification or silly, unnecessary power trips –know what I mean?

And also brilliant for bringing your most limbic, sexually confident instincts to next level connection with any lovers on your radar by late July. If you’re feeling it with someone special, best express it-your love machine seduction prowess could be more powerful than you realize! Especially if, again, you ditch the sexual power trips- the better to feel the attraction with maximum, powerful authenticity.

And you’ll be ready for this because meanwhile, the Solar Eclipse of July 13th is your annual love New Moon! Yep, mid month is renewed passion with your partner to really believe in the future you share-or if single, maybe hooking into some new attraction that has your number?

Image: Alexander McQueen's high shine reflective silver plexiglass visor as seen in the ... Futuristic Urban #Fashion - The Editorial by Julia Noni for Obsession

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