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So to the extent you are entertaining any suddenly crystal clear, instinctive new inspiration rising up from sparky Uranus recently into your soul sector; but what with Mars shaking down your adventure sector you’re so skittish restless you don’t quite know what to do with it?

How about the cute little moment of insight around June 7th, with Mercury & the Sun in your sign in sync with visionary Neptune in your biz sector and lucky Jupiter in your day-job sector, where you’re all excited about opening up various vocational opportunities; which helps to clarify your intentions of early June nicely in the professional realm. With especially fab results coming up by the time lucky Jupiter moves forward in your work sector from mid July.

And the Gemini New Moon of the 14th is a stunningly clear portal to visualise and manifest whatever turns you on -in any area of life to be honest. It’s like a blank canvas to create the next chapter, so it’s worth remaining open-minded about your priorities and full, magnificent personal potential mid month huh?

And then the Full Moon of the 28th is a kind of primal, tough-assed reality check about how to move your most important entanglements forward. Whether your loved ones are stepping up to more solid commitment (could be!), questioning their feelings or even challenging your motivations (which actually could be a bit jittery with Mars moving forward in your freedom sector)? It’s bound to be interesting, revealing and a great opportunity to align more clearly with whatever relationship dynamics work best for you longer term. And that’s so worth doing a bit of emotional work to achieve, right?

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