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Whenever one of the outer planets-the major astrological players -switches signs, we are looking at a bit of an new era. And now, from the New Moon of May 15th we have revolutionary, maverick Uranus busting into Taurus to shake up the fundamentals of our material lives for the next seven whole years!

Taurus rules the steady, fixed, aspects of our physical lives that don't tend to change often or where we fiercely resist change. You know -our security issues around money & assets, domestic stability, steady relationships, the regular habits, routines and pleasures we've become accustomed to -anything that represents our comfort zone basically. But Uranus rules the liberating effect of sudden, wildly uncontrollable change and fast tracked evolution in our lives -and and he's totally got our number right now!

The rebels/forward thinkers amongst us can't wait to for this more liberated paradigm -it's gonna be fun! And those of us entrenched in various, outdated attachments (ie all of us-to some extent lol) may be nervously anticipating/yet fully ready to be positively challenged to grow beyond all that and thrive on a whole new level -on some intuitive level we know it's time, right?

So if you're feeling inspired to shake up any of your previously limiting attitudes or habits; the better to embrace a freer, more expansive, contemporary, future-oriented confidence and make space for cool new possibilities to happen in your life? Yes you're onto it, with potentially fab, exciting new doors opening the more you're ready for them...

Or even if you feel uprooted by sudden, fluxy external circumstances you can't control, at any point over the next several years? It's just calling you to join the zeitgeist of cool, innovative new ways of living that we're all looking at right now. We are in an era of collective growth and structural change in the world now folks, let's keep it as visionary and positive as possible -yes we can!

Happy Uranus in Taurus x

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