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MARS in AQUARIUS has got our NUMBER!

Image: Danny Cardozo Andrea Marcaccini Elle Man Mexico june 2013

Mars generally spends around 2 months at a time revving up each sign as he travels around the zodiac, so when he lingers longer in one place it is highly energising for that particular sign-and this year it's an epic 6 whole months in Aquarius!

So the New Moon of mid May has Aqua ruler Uranus switching signs into Taurus, for a big new 7 year phase of grounding our visionary genius in the material world; just as Mars jumps into Aquarius from May 17th-mid November. Oh yeah; maverick, inventive, liberating, forward thinking Aqua energy is rising up big time right now:

Image: Brandon Flowers

And ok, it is kinda weird. I mean Mars is the most libidinous, aggressive, sexually motivated, impulsive, hot blooded, reckless, greedy guts for sensate satisfaction, personal success driven energy around. And Aquarius is, well, not. Aquarius is the ultimate cool, cerebral, detached, intellectually driven sign, all about social justice/community aspirations and possibly the sign most detached from sexual imperatives. So we have an integration process here- to remain passionate but channel our lust for life with clear, conscious, well thought out intentions. Because yes, we want what we want, but we also want to make sure it means something bigger than just instant gratification huh?

For example the Mars capacity for anger. The most likely rage we are feeling right now is the self-righteous kind driven by social justice/ sticking up for our loved ones or wider tribe, and just the principle of seeing the right thing done in our personal lives and/or the wider world. Yeah, and more power to us for keeping it ethical and high-end right?

Image: sorry about naff cute animals meme-couldn't resist it's too cute!

And Mars rules sex, attraction and desire. And the thing about Aquarius energy is that we really are turned on more by friendship, shared values, and the incandescent thrill of a genuine meeting of minds, even more than purely physical attraction.

If anything it's having an amazing rave with someone who finally gets us, on some kind of intellectual or even tangential soul level; where we lock eyes mid-conversation and sparks fly! This is primo season for 'friendships' with simmering undercurrents to morph into something more romantically charged. Or we discover a wonderful, mutually supportive new level of friendship with our current lover to deepen the connection. In any case, the combination of being great mates, understanding & treating one another with true integrity and hot blooded attraction is the balance we're looking for here; and with Mars spending 6 whole months in Aquarius, if we want our relationships to grow this year we might want to get onto that huh? (And even aside from romantic love -this is great astro for energising our fab platonic connections).

Image: photo by Kat Irlin for Ralph Lauren

Because all of the above sure beats the hell out of the shadow side of Aqua Mars; which is getting so caught up in our heads/rationalising everything/playing it cool that we end up in a detached state of denial and repressed desire. No no; let's own our appetites, ambitions and lust for life right now-no matter how maverick and crazy they are- just keep it as real, self aware and conscious as possible for best results.

Happy Mars in Aquarius for the next 6 months x

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