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Image: Craig Lamere for Mod magazine


So the New Moon of the 15th introduces the following themes, seemingly contradictory, that you will ideally be integrating for a while yet:

Mars is lingering your work/day job sector for 6 whole months from May 17th –and given that Mars’s usual tenure is only 2 months, this is an epic period of sustained productivity and high-level work ethic to pull off! And if anyone is going to relish the chance to clear the to-do list/finesse the details of your current project or gig/prove your mettle on the job it’s got to be an industrious, organisational freak, busy little bee like you right? I suspect you might really enjoy this opportunity to get ahead and nail it with a beautiful, confident enthusiasm.

But also the solid commitment this process requires may feel a tad relentless/suffocating for the flighty, mutable aspect of your nature as time goes on, so you might have to keep a handle on that…

Cue Uranus smashing into your adventure sector from May 16th-2026! This is another epic cycle-seven whole years- of game changing, wildly expansive, even visionary new horizons in your life. Perhaps a sudden wanderlust, and big travel plans brewing? And maybe even a big relocation calling your name-especially with restless Jupiter in your home sector throughout 2019? Or maybe a big academic/higher education/professional writing project -if you’re that way inclined, to move you forward? Really any kind of brash, innovative new life/professional plan, to free up more liberated lifestyle choices for yourself is more possible than ever over the next several years; how cool is that?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of May 30th brings your emotional focus much closer to home. You are feeling more connected with your family, tribe and loved ones for some lovely bonding in your personal life by the end of the month-so you want to open up and embrace that for sure.

Including cozying up with your lover at home, for some lovely, renewed romantic domestic bliss. Or if single, Venus in your social sector has you statistically more likely to meet someone promising if you’re out and about on the prowl in the second half of the month-so maybe practice those smooth flirtatious skills of yours, huh?

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