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Image: Hannah Lemholt


So it’s happening: Game-changing, liberating, delusion-shattering, magnificently inspiring Uranus busts into your sign from May 15th, for 7 years of wildly life altering new circumstances to rock your world. And it’s perfectly aligned with the Taurus New Moon of the 15th, in sync with Pluto/Mars sexing up your adventure sector; so you’re so ready to embrace this promising, expansive new energy. Oh yes!

Because maverick Uranus only comes around to shake up your sign every 84 years, so this really is a unique opportunity to re-vision your life plan/seize some fast paced personal growth/hatch an escape plan from whatever scenario has been limiting your progress, the better to embrace a better, crazier, more exciting experience for yourself. This can apply to any area of life of course, and whether it initially manifests as career/love/home/family/travel/spiritual path or whatever situational change–it’s just an awakening to explore a much broader sense of your own, open minded potential to live free-unfolding over the next several years. So that’s something to look forward to huh?

And specifically and synchronistically, Mars into Uranus ruled Aquarius from the 17th is in your biz sector. It’s a wildly energised new few months coming up for the Taurus career; and as much as you may well go charging off on some new vocational tangent, it’s just as likely that it’s something you’re already doing that you imbue with fresh vitality and motivation, and rewarded with almost immediate accelerated forward progress. You really are a success machine this month should you put your mind, and a bit of elbow grease to it -and as usual the world boggles at how effortless you make it look.

And then the Full Moon of the 30th is in your intimacy/shared resources sector. So yes, perhaps a chance to rake in some profits from all that hard work you’ve been doing. But also some sexy bonding with your lover-and maybe much deeper feelings involved? Or if single a nice little chance to work your famous seduction techniques on someone you’re keen on? And either way the key is Venus in your communication sector- it’s the power of your charming, flirty, loving, authentic words that create the most authentic connections right now…

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