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Image:Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for John Rankin Waddell & Paula Thomas’s Thomas Wylde


So if you’ve been feeling a little jittery about commitment etc in your love life, or dealing with certain relationship upheavals/changing relational dynamics with Uranus in your partnership sector over the last several years? And you might be pleased to know that Uranus finally gets out of your romantic hair from mid May and it’s all going to settle down?? Well yes and no.

I mean sure, certain dramas or unresolved friction in your personal relationships may well begin to resolve themselves this month-and/or even if they don’t you feel a glorious freedom to drop the angst, let it be and move forward anyway. This is so cool!

But also, the New Moon of the 15th introduces Uranus into your sex/intimacy sector. So you’ll be shining a light on the nitty-gritty details of the close entanglements that really matter, the better to finesse the best version of healthy, authentic emotional interdependence –with the gentle help of the healer Chiron now replacing Uranus in your love sector. Yes, this really could be time to get your lovely Libran handle on beautiful relationships and romance back on…

And the new movement of Uranus is also liberating your shared resources paradigm-with perhaps a freer approach to financial entanglements in your personal and professional life? I mean sure, you want to avoid hare brained schemes/reckless choices or handing over your cash to unreliable individuals obviously. But if you keep it sharp, you could be entertaining some genius new instincts about how to rustle up cash in some cool, collaborative biz venture in the foreseeable future? Or maybe just more unconditional, mutual support with certain loved ones to keep it all flowing?

Especially with lucky Jupiter in your income sector, you are feeling fabulously confident about your earning potential; and any plans to that end are most likely to rake in the cash when Jupiter moves forward from mid July onwards. And meanwhile Venus is lushing up that gorgeous talent, creative flair, smooth charm and self-promotion genius of yours from May 20th; for the professional edge you need to cultivate those fab money making opportunities. Go you!

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