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Image: Kolczyk do pepka Swarovski


So as several years of Uranus shaking up your biz sector draws to a close; you have pause to reflect just how radically you have altered and evolved your vocational stance and how much visionary professional and personal growth you have nailed along the way.

Yes it might have been a bumpy trip but it’s so worth it for where you’re standing now huh; and ready to embrace yet another level of self-awareness about your sense of professional purpose, with the healer Chiron newly in your biz sector. You’re on a roll already-might as well keep growing and finesse your full potential in the world –well done you!

So now Uranus in your social sector is a wildly new perspective on your tribe/wider community/social scene and how you fit into it, to turn you on and broaden your horizons for the next several years. And the New Moon of the 15th could be a clue about whatever friendships could do with renewed energy to this end-or perhaps a new bestie or circle of people drawing you in for some lovely, supportive, ongoing camaraderie. This looks like fun!

Meanwhile Venus into your sign from the 20th awakens your gorgeous beauty, style, love, romance, attraction, talent and personal confidence mojo-so that’s a sweet energy to embrace later in the month.

Specifically, lucky Jupiter retrograde in your self-expression sector has you re-calibrating and polishing your core talents/creative mojo; preparing to launch a full-throttle self-promotion offensive on the world when Jupiter moves forward from July –get ready!

And also specifically, Mars traversing your partnership and sex/intimacy sectors all month really focuses your Venusian charms on energising the Cancerian love life. Perhaps you take your existing connection a little deeper emotionally, with some extra affection to renew the spark (actually early June is particularly fab for partnered Crabs, just so you know)? Or if single perhaps you get to try your seductive wiles with some crush who turns up, or becomes more available throughout the month?

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