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Full Moon in Scorpio coming up for some sexy transformation, exact 11am April 30th, AEST.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotions have been brewing all month, and in Scorpio there's always plenty simmering under the surface! We are coming to terms with our most passionate desires, hungry appetites and deepest, most vulnerable feelings about whatever is going on in our lives right now. It's kind of raw, kind of libidinous and totally empowering if we can own it!

The more we can come to terms with where we are and what we want to be; the more we can dig deep to find the courage to face our demons with grace/move beyond our fears and come out stronger, more resilient and ready to fulfil whatever satisfaction is actually healthy for us, with a bit of magical manifestation. The better to thrive!

Because this Full Moon also syncs with the Moon's nodal axis. An opportunity to take our ye old South Node bag of tricks-our emotional history/existing life patterns & relational dynamics/innate strengths, skills & flaws-and ditch whatever we no longer need with a bit of swift, transformative personal growth; the better to focus our most potent core strengths & talents toward our North Node (Destiny Point) capacity to move forward toward a fresh, current, future oriented way of living authentically.

And we will no doubt be attracting just the kind of strange synchronicity, fateful encounters and (most importantly) brilliant gut instincts to help guide us this week. Yes it's an exciting Moon if we're ready to claim our full potential! Happy Scorpio Moon x

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