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The New Moon in Aries has just launched us into full-throttle, fired up go-gettem mode. We've got a plan, we're ready to go and, in true Aries style we're not interested in compromise. Especially with Aries ruler Mars on bitch Lilith and approaching potent Pluto, we've got the goods to power on, transform ourselves if necessary and make stuff happen asap. It's a kinda lust for life, libidinous, now-or-never attitude that's going to get us there this week. Oh yes.

But wait. Mercury is still turning direct in storm phase-the most tricky part of the whole retrograde to be honest; when we feel the need to suddenly force the issue on recently stalled dialogues/negotiations and most likely to blunder into botched decisions/narky txts/hasty communiques we may live to regret etc. The next few weeks really is about finessing the process as much as possible, if we can only summon up the last scraps of our patience to do so.

And because Uranus in Aries is heading into void phase, preparing to switch signs by mid May. So the maverick, crazy innovative, rebellious style we've been winging it on lately may be bringing in wildly unpredictable results. Yes to striking out into new territory-absolutely it's time- but also keeping our wits about us as we go please...

Happy Aries New Moon x

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