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When it's still Mercury retrograde AND Mars, the plant of forward locomotion is stalled in a slo-mo reality check with dreary old Saturn this week. Tedious much?

Yep we're practicing our grown up patience right now & aint much we can do about it, so might as well suck it up, stick with the programme and assume it's character building, I mean what other choice do we have right?

Or I guess we could practice our best, sooky pout and go all passive aggressive on any tedious delays or whoever is holding us up (pass-aggressive is a Mars/Saturn speciality) -which may or may not be a good look.

Patience please -it's all going to fire up big time when Mars meets Lilith & Pluto in the second half of April-let's keep our shizz together, as much as possible, until then...

Image: Olga Maliouk by Chris Craymer for Glamour Italia April 2015

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