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Your ruling planet, Venus freshly into Taurus is a most auspicious beginning to the month; with her lovely wiles lushing up your talent, beauty and romantic charisma until April 25th. You’re all sparkly, confident and ready to go:

And it’s just as well you are being primed to polish your romantic expression all month – it’s preparing you for the Full Moon of the 30th in your love sector! By the end of the month you have a chance to be at your raw, emotionally authentic best and spread around some of that easy, honest affection that your loved ones adore about you. And perhaps a chance to take a particular, special connection further; I mean with expansive, lucky in love Jupiter involved why not grow your relationship to next level devotion?

Or if single, flirt a little just for the playful fun of it whilst you’re enjoying the freedom to do so –or maybe take a fearless chance on a more promising new attraction (which is kind of more likely to turn up this month, btw)?

Meanwhile the Mars/Saturn hook up of early April is tricky in your vision sector. You are busting to charge off on some new adventure/freewheeling attitude to life but also acutely aware of any limiting responsibilities/logistical details cramping your style for the moment? Well no matter what there’s no getting around the rising tide of restlessness within you with maverick, freedom loving Uranus preparing to hit your sign for several years of rut-busting, game changing personal growth from mid May! You can feel it already (especially with your heightened intuition around the New Moon of April 16th) and it’s only a matter of finessing the strategy and-more importantly- the fearless moxy to score the new, liberated life plan you are craving right now.

And the Mars/Pluto action around April 27th is a cool clue about where the next door opens to reveal for a fresh paradigm/opportunity for you – but it’s going to require your most audacious capacity for personal transformation to nail this one –ready or not!

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