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I tell you what; the Mars/Uranus action in your home sector of early April could have you questioning your domestic scenario big time!

You’re kind of obsessed by security issues around home and family, and madly nailing down some kind of stable haven for yourself –yes it’s happening. But also restless as hell and craving change, because you correctly intuit it’s time for some real, kick-ass personal transformation and the most authentic home base from which to do it. Also yes, and you’ll be best placed to bust some kind of move on this when Mars energises Pluto at the end of the month-so a bit of time up your sleeve to scheme the domestic makeover.

Meanwhile the transformation theme continues with the Uranus powered New Moon of the 16th and healing Chiron in your love sector; it’s a fresh perspective on relationships that has you questioning everything! You want nothing less than emotional oxygen to do your own thing and thrilling passion from your lover, for some fast paced growth in your connection to keep things interesting. Or if single, the liberating thrill of exploring the multiplicity of romantic options becoming available to you, sans nailing down anything permanent for the moment.

So to the extent you’re putting out for something game-changing? Whether you are being love bombed by someone exciting (who may or may not be realistic) or sorting out a new dynamic in your existing partnership or flying free -I would say expect the unexpected! Your love life is pretty lit this month (especially with seductive Venus in your intimacy sector, which could be delicious), but it’s not so much stability you’re dealing with. So thank goodness for Mercury direct in your love sector from mid-month; it’s all about clear, emotionally intelligent communication to keep things moving in the right direction. Keep the dialogue flowing, for best results.

And career? The Full Moon of the 30th is all about cash; you are monetising whatever you do more effectively if you play your cards right at the end of the month-stay sharp if you can.

Image: Mona Johannesson by Mikael Schulz for Tush Magazine

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