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Professional ambition much? I mean wow, there’s no denying the ferocity of Mars energising achievement-hungry Saturn in your work sector in early April:

Because you’re already primed to flaunt your brilliance, after a few months of Mars revving up your talent/self-promotion sector recently (as if a natural show pony like yourself needed an excuse, lol). And now your genius, sharp eye for cool opportunities to do so comes to the fore; you are sussing out a genuinely realistic game plan and suddenly ready to be the success machine you’ve been dreaming of!

Ok, but to the extent you’re all fired up to get ahead you also get that there’s going to be some hard yakka involved. Yep, no getting around it –you are so ready to come to terms with your best, most determined work ethic; if your goals are worth it they’re worth the extra effort right? Right??

Because Venus in your biz sector inspires the creative manifestation and suave, next level charm to open some cool doors in your career seemingly effortlessly (no one need know how hard you’re working in the background); but that’s nothing compared to Uranus turning up and electrifying your professional charisma from mid May! You have several years of fast paced vocational transformation coming up -which is what you’re working so hard to prepare for now; so best strap in, commit to the process and get ready to shine.

And then the Full Moon of the 30th turns your attention to much more personal concerns. You are reminded you how deeply important your domestic life, family and intimate relationships are to your emotional wellbeing; and maybe renew a lovely sense of connection with your loved ones. Or maybe just a nice connection with your couch (lol), as you take a mini break to regenerate your energy on home turf?

And to the extent this involves romance, you are looking forward to the very extended Leo mating season that is Mars firing up your partnership sector from May 16th-Nov 16th; so that’s something to look forward to -you are about to be on fire you little love machine!

Image: Liu Wen by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany

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