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The Mars/Saturn action of early March places your attention firmly on Cancerian relationships, and best strap in for an interesting ride-it’s fiery!

To the extent you’ve had Saturn into your partnership sector since Christmas; you’re settling into a slow, steady process of evaluating your broader issues around commitment, compatibility and the long-term viability of various important connections in your life/general romantic aspirations. Which is great, and a few years left to sort it out. But for the moment, impatient Mars firing up Saturn around April 2nd lights the proverbial firecracker under this process- it’s suddenly all about passionate instincts and impatient, immediate gratification:

Perhaps you rediscover the brilliant chemistry of your existing partnership for renewed spark? Or perhaps any friction between you intensifies and, hopefully, rather than butting heads you thrash out any issues quick sticks with straight up, pragmatic resolve to get it right? Or if single perhaps some wildly worthwhile and challenging attraction presents to get you out of your comfort zone, in a good way? Or perhaps you’re single and drilling down on healthy relationship with self-and the fab stuff you can achieve in the world based on that? And in any case this opportunity for emotional growth applies to all key connections in your life-not just romantic.

And then the New Moon of the 16th switches your attention straight to the Cancerian career. It’s got Mercury newly direct in your biz sector where you hustle some potentially promising professional negotiations (and they’ll become even more interesting when innovative Uranus hits your networking sector in May, btw). And if this involves talking up your own talent or promising to deliver on some bedazzling creative skill or product? The Full Moon of the 30th is going to help you follow through and showcase your brilliance in the world, with the unstoppable confidence of lucky, expansive Jupiter in your self-promotion sector until November –go you!

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