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Pisces New Moon 0.11am March 18th AEDT, so we have a fresh perspective coming up for a lovely week ahead. New Moons are always an emotional renewal; and especially in Pisces it's an oceanic rush of feelings to bring us into emotional congruence and extra especially with the healer Chiron involved it's all about beautiful personal growth, for a greater sense of holistic wellbeing.

So all we have to do is honestly feel the feelings coming up right now with minimum analysis, fuss or drama and simply allow them to reveal themselves to us. There is a glorious vulnerability about simply being present for our needs and emo moods (yes even the painful or challenging ones).

Because Dr Chiron wants to unmask & hone in on our core wounds, the better to effect a more powerful healing process and move beyond our limiting patterns; the better to embrace the bliss of wildly unconditional self acceptance and the joyful self expression in the world that comes from that. So yeah, the potential of this Moon is pretty nice!

I mean with Pluto providing the appetite for gutsy personal transformation and lucky Jupiter providing the positive, optimistic intention to create a better future; if you're into any kind of healing process/healthy personal improvement on any level right now-you could so be onto something fab!

And in any case let's enjoy the natural, tidal flow of where life is guiding us right now, and trust our genius intuition as much as possible this week.

Happy New Moon x

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