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The Full Moon in your sign serves as a wonderful insight into how your most important relationships are going –and most importantly how you feel about it:

Neptune in your partnership sector has potential behaviour from your loved ones running the full gamut from the sacred to the profane. Crazy inexplicable –perhaps inspired- flights of fancy that make no sense to practical you? Exasperating, elusive refusal to be pinned down to anything real? Actual fibbing?? Crazy soulmate synchronicity? Deeply devoted, divine romantic attention to lovely you? Spiritual communion to understand one another better? Yes, any and all of the above/anything in between is possible right now –which should be an interesting trip?

But really the most valuable insights coming up are how you feel about all this! Your instincts about relationships generally, love specifically and perhaps someone maddeningly special most specifically- are so on point right now and worth paying attention to. It’s not so much analysing your lover’s latest text/mood whatever as tuning into how it makes you feel-and what you desire/need right now. And notice I said feel not think; your famously sharp brainpower/capacity to dissect the fine detail isn’t helping so much as trusting your gut and acting accordingly with full emotional congruence, and that’s a fact.

Good, because by the New Moon of the 18th you have a clearer idea of the lay of the land love wise; with perhaps some lovely, authentic vulnerability from everyone involved and you want to fully embrace this for best results huh?

Meanwhile Mars into your self-expression sector from the 18th is brilliant for creative/show off/shameless self-promotion/social confidence (whatever floats your boat), and with the genuine talent and personal charisma to back it up. Oh yes it’s your time to shine for the next few months –don’t hold back on us now, will you?

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