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Well it’s lovely that the month begins with a Full Moon in your self-expression sector that is all about your own personal, shiny self-confidence to propel you into March. I mean what with Venus/Mercury in your social sector you have the sparkly wit and charisma to network the hell out of whatever scene you’re moving in; to get noticed & show off for fun, bonding with your tribe and maybe to your professional/creative advantage?

The rewards of this will become clearer by the New Moon of the 17th; where you embrace the healing power of finding your niche in the world, with a lovely support network of like-minded souls who really appreciate you –this so brings out the best in you!

And Mars into your adventure sector from the 18th is a thrilling rush of restless wanderlust –where you want to be doing something, anything more exciting and you want to be doing it now! But I tell you what it’s nothing compared to the wildly, radical new life plans that come with Uranus commencing several years in your sign from May onwards, and which Mars is essentially preparing you for over the next 2 months. Yes indeed, anyone who thought you guys were stuck in the mud, complacent types had better think again; you are about to outfox the best of us with the most liberating, innovative, expansive new attitude-get ready it’s coming soon.

And meanwhile Jupiter retrograde in your love sector is pretty liberating as well. Imagine the kind of soulmate scenario busting with open ended potential-but you have to trust the process because you can’t control them and they can’t control you-even if you try; so you might as well roll with the romantic adventure unconditionally? Yep, that’s pretty much what you’re about to be dealing with!

If you’re loved up, best give one another lots of emotional oxygen to take this thing beyond mundane expectation into bigger romantic thrills. And if single; seriously, expect the unexpected, love will strike in the weirdest ways and when you’re not looking –yes really! And if it’s about being solo for the moment-honestly you’ve got so many new life opportunities coming up you’ll be so glad you’re free to grab them on your own terms for now, the better to keep moving huh?

Image: Donna Karan Design

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