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(Translation for the term Neptunian: magical, mystical, spiritual rapture, inspirational creative genius & finely attuned to one’s true soul path and divine soulmate romance but also defcon 1 alert for delusional thinking, escapist fantasies, destructive intoxication and wildly unrealistic crushes disguised as love. It’s tricky)

To the extent your ruling planet Neptune is even more beautifully enchanted and baffling than ever in your sign right now, the Full Moon of the 2nd in your love sector is as Neptunian as hell! Especially with gorgeous Venus on board your lover/potential attractions find you maddeningly alluring and you may or may not be leading one another on a merry chase/spooky kismet meetings/falling deeply in love with a rare, exquisite soul connection as the case my be- its bound to be interesting!

And even if solo you are so genuinely swept up in some liberating, glistening adventure of your own, and for the moment more than happy to have good mates/tribe around you to support your autonomous fabulosity-yes!

And either way you might want to use Mars still in your biz sector for the first half of March to energise those vocational schemes and dreams; nothing like a bit of hard yakka to get ahead yes? And from mid month it’s all about social media/professional networking for the shameless self-promotion to move it along –especially with Venus newly in your income sector to monetise your genius as best you can.

And speaking of mid month, the New Moon of the 18th is a liberating, fresh perspective for the rest of the month: with Chiron onto your emotional well being and Uranus innovating your earning potential/lucky Jupiter retrograde in your adventure sector for plenty of oxygen to re-jig a more effective long term strategy for personal freedom –you might just be unstoppable!

Image: Koray Birand for Spanish Vogue

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